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Welcome to
your Authentic Korean Cooking class experience,
hosted by me -- Chef JiYoung Park. 


I was born in Seoul, Korea and have been teaching Korean cooking since 2007.  I have been lucky to have hosted classes all over the world in Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Miami and San Francisco.  In my soul, I try to be a culinary storyteller with a sophisticated and progressive approach to a range of traditional Korean dishes.  I teach in English, Japanese and Korean and helping as many people as I can experience Korean cooking brings me joy. I am currently hosting classes in Noe Valley, San Francisco.  

Korean food is more than just a meal to me but a gateway to a culture, society and community that has made me who I am today.  I look forward to cooking together someday.


Join a fun group of 8-10 people and Chef JiYoung will take you on a Korean food journey like you've never experienced before. She will craft a seasonal 3 course menu for you to enjoy making and eating. 

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Birthday parties, school events, work off-sites or just a private culinary experience with friends. Chef JiYoung will work with you to craft your perfect night of food and drink that you will cherish. 

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@ParksKitchenSF on Instagram

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