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This is ParksKitchen, your Authentic Korean Cooking class experience, hosted by me -- Chef JiYoung Park.  


Jiyoung Park was born in Seoul, Korea and has been teaching Korean cooking since 2007.  She has hosted classes all over the world in Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Miami and San Francisco.  She is true culinary storyteller with a sophisticated and progressive view on a wide range of traditional Korean dishes.  She teaches in English, Japanese and Korean and makes everyone a first-time Korean cook.  She now teaches Korean cooking classes in Noe Valley, San Francisco. Please visit her website to learn how to make your favorite Korean dishes!


Stephanie W.

I never knew kimchi could be so good. The most delicious I've ever tasted.

Rebecca M.

Thank you so much. So much fun for the team and the food was amazing.

Christopher B.

Everything was delicous and JiYoung was a great teacher. Can't wait to try making this at home.

JaWon K.

I'm a big fan of ParksKitchen. I've never missed a class. So good and healthy.

From @ParksKitchenSF Instagram

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