Have you missed ParksKitchen?  This month I'm adding some group lessons to learn authentic Korean dishes. Are you ready to register? Only 3 classes! :)


1. Yuzu Ddeok (rice cake) Galbi 유자 떡갈비

Come and learn how to make this delicious traditional beef dish that the King's family enjoyed a long time ago -- made with my special Yuzu sauce. 


2. Octopus Rice 문어 콩나물 솥밥

I can't wait to teach you all one of my favorite rice dishes -- Octopus rice -- made with my special sauce, mixed in with the rice. You will learn about the special rice I use -- Gaba rice -- and how to cook it with perfect texture. 

3. Ddeonjang(Korean Miso) Jjigae(soup). 달래 된장찌개

Have you ever had Korean Deonjang (miso) Jjigae (soup)?  This is one of the most popular Korean dishes that Korean people typically eat 1-2 times a week. It's very healthy (lots of tofu) and I add some additional seasonal vegetables.  It's quick and easy and I bet you will cook this a lot once you learn. Goes perfectly with just a bowl of rice!


Classes Available

Sat, 3/7 at 10:30-1:30

Sat, 3/21 at 10:30-1:30

Thurs, 3/26 at 10:30-1:30


Yuzu Ddeok Galbi

(rice cake)

유자 떡갈비




문어 콩나물 솥밥


Ddeonjang Jjigae (Korean Miso soup)

달래 된장찌개