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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

As it turns to autumn, I was thinking what if we had Thanksgiving in Korea -- what would we cook that special day?  And of course, I thought it would be perfect to have a Korean style Thanksgiving dinner. Please come and enjoy my Korean style "Thanksgiving Feast" served with fresh, homemade kimchi!  This will be the last class before I leave for Korea for the December holiday.


See you soon. JiYoung, ParksKitchen

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전복 오리 백숙

Jeonbok Ori Baeksuk 

(Duck soup with Abalone, Korean Ginseng and sticky rice)


들깨 수제비

Deulkei Sujebi

(Korean gnocchi with perilla seed soup)


도토리묵 무침

Muk Muchim

(Acron jelly salad)


Sat, Nov. 23 @ 10:30-1:30
Tues, Dec. 3 @ 10:30-1:30
Sat, Dec 7 @ 10:30-1:30

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